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Never mind my suicide ideation/ suicide attempts

Never mind my suicide ideation/ suicide attempts

27 August, 2017



Never mind my suicide ideation/ suicide attempts, I am getting chest pains from excess stress. I think I might get a disease of the Heart but just as likely to get the Cancer Demon and this woman mentioned Cancer. Mum died of Peritoneal rare Cancer and the only thing that sickening Landlord who promised my Mother he would help me (still working as Social Worker/so-called trained CPN) made me homeless week before Mother died, said I might want to check I have not inherited Cancer! That was nearly a decade ago. So many colourful words to describe how I feel- all the complaints I made about that place and staff and that was my repayment. I know of a tenant that man is failing. The tenant said that if we were to die then he would replace us with someone else as it was a profit making business. WE ARE NUMBERS HE SAID. That man told my Mother he would get a good Pension from so-called helping people because she credited him- FOR NOTHING. At what cost a good pension? Your soul? As long as I still live I have a path paved by Yahweh like this woman.. to help others and that is what people have said to me.


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