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I’ve been slacking on my posts regarding my visits with my activist friends

I’ve been slacking on my posts regarding my visits with my activist friends

27 August, 2017



I’ve been slacking on my posts regarding my visits with my activist friends. Since one is still in the hospital (the media was wrong that they were all released…FYI!) and the other is in another facility and now my kids’ schools have started, it’s been rare that I see both of them on the same day. I typically take turns or earlier this week, gave one friend more visits while the other one was focusing on pain management (she specifically requested no guests for a couple days). But today I saw BOTH of them and dropped off more care packages. I will sum up that this week I was spoon feeding one of them and the other I helped with bathing and getting deodorant on her armpits. I know they both hate being so dependent…it’s not in their nature. Also, their change in nutrition has set them back a bit. It’s really opened my eyes that sometimes bringing desserts, casseroles, etc. are all nice and very much appreciated, but a lot of times the meds they are on or just their overall condition prevents them from enjoying it as they would if they were home. My best advice is if you have a friend in the hospital or under medical care, ask before you bring their favorite foods. I have one friend who has difficulties eating solid food and has been drinking her calories, I have another friend who simply feels a sense of normalcy if you bring only organic fruits and veggies because it’s what she is used to eating. These moments are NOT a good time to surprise them with food gifts!
So today’s theme is adjustment…adjusting to a life of dependency and adjusting to a life that is outside of the confines of home. No matter how much normalcy you can offer to someone, it will never be normal until they are fully recovered and able to go about their own day as they see fit. I think we often forget this part of the healing process. We forget that a huge chunk of their lives has been taken from them and there is a lot of adjustments that take place that we will truly never understand until we are literally in their shoes.


  1. Neva Davis
    28 August, 2017, 19:05 Neva Davis

    Thanks for the advice on food, I knew that meds and all of that messes with sense of taste and even ability to digest food, but I didn’t really know about how desserts would be a bad idea.

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    • Robin Fetter
      28 August, 2017, 19:13 Robin Fetter

      I’ve lost count of how many people gave them chocolate bars. In essence, it seems like a fabulous idea but in reality they rarely get a chance to enjoy it. I will say for vegans who are in the hospital…anything that has complete nutrition like prot…

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