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I was supposed to be in Utah right now

I was supposed to be in Utah right now

27 August, 2017



I was supposed to be in Utah right now, but I have had a few curb balls thrown my way the past few weeks which has currently put me sitting at my computer here in LA. To that end, all I’ll say is #CancerSucks!
So here I sit and after nine months of procrastination, I starting to build a blog site, so I won’t have all these long winded FB posts (you’re welcome!).
I decided to test the FB link, and I started reading my “Feed.” And I just sat back in “awe” of what I was seeing.
I saw a post/pix of my good friend, Tom Christofferson on the Jumbotron speaking at the #LoveLoud Festival to benefit organizations that work with #LGBTQ #AtRiskYouth.
I saw the link below, on the OFFICIAL LDS website. An article is highlighting a class that discussed the late James Fowler theory of The Six Stages of Faith Development. Then it even quotes Braithwaite referring to and calling out the fact that most religious people NEVER move beyond “stage 3.” What is stage 3? (Frankly, when you read it and if you’re religious, you’re NOT gonna like it, sorry.)
“They live in a world that’s binary: it’s black and white, where the Church is all good and couldn’t possibly do anything not good, and the world is wicked and bad.”
I want to quote part of Fowler’s description of stage 3: “…a person usually adopts some sort of all-encompassing belief system. However, at this stage, people tend to have a hard time seeing outside their box and don’t recognize that they are “inside” a belief system. At this stage, authority is usually placed in individuals or groups that represent one’s beliefs. [This is the stage in which many people remain.]
The great psychologist M. Scot Peck conflated them into 4 and here is his version of Stage 3: “At this stage, people rely on some sort of institution (such as a church) to give them stability. They become attached to the forms of their religion and get extremely upset when these are called into question.”
I, literally, out loud said, “WHAT in the world is happening?” Never, EVER in my life time of being a gay Mormon would I have EVER thought I would have live to see this evening.
The church officially and publicly supported a non-LDS sponsored event for LGBTQ individuals AND publicity is posting about faith development. And why many are struggling with their faith… it’s because they are STUCK on the “culture” of the institution and not focusing on “doctrine.”
To me what is the doctrine? “Love.” In a nutshell, if you have gained every great attribute you could EVER achieve in life, and are not loving unconditionally, you are nothing. (1 Cor. 13)
Think about it… loving without judgment or condition, means that we love notwithstanding diversity. It’s diversity that makes us strong and great. Loving unconditionally builds bridges, and ultimately will bind us all together as one human family, if you will, a Zion. From what I have studied so far… most religious and sacred text all point to that very thing… LOVE without condition builds relationships one to another and ultimately to Diety. That, my friends makes life so much easier to live and is the only thing of worth in the end.
To wrap this up, I am still disappointed I couldn’t be with many of my friends to experience the unity, love and connection of the #LoveLoud concert… it’s all because #CancerSucks. I drop the mic and get ready for bed.


  1. Dave Biesinger
    27 August, 2017, 14:20 Dave Biesinger

    Missed you, friend

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