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I feel very bad for the folks in Texas

I feel very bad for the folks in Texas

27 August, 2017



I feel very bad for the folks in Texas. I guess that is why i will always live in N. Mich. Nobody should have to suffer through a storm like that. However, i do take some satisfaction watching Republican Congressmen and Senators (esp.Cruz) and their idiot Gov. have to come on bended knee and ask for Fed. aid. You just do not hear much talk about seccession form the Union during a storm like this do you??? Of course, our intrepid leader was all over helping Texans. Ass Joe (he ain’t a cop no more) got his federal aid. I wonder if he realizes that, accepting a Pardon is an admission of guilt??? It is and guess what, Ass Joe, you are as guilty as they come. God bless Texans, except Cruz.


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